NICs not necessary for Apprentices under 25 – does this apply to you?

By 28th April 2016 May 10th, 2016 Latest News

From 6th April, if you employ an apprentice you may not need to pay National Insurance Contributions on their earnings, up to £827 a week or £43,000 per annum.

To be eligible for this relief, the apprentice should be:

  • Under the age of 25
  • On a Government approved apprenticeship scheme

Why has the policy changed?

The Government has introduced this to help support employers who provide apprenticeships, in recognition of this valuable entryway to skilled employment. By removing the need to pay NIC on apprentice earnings, the Government hopes more young people will be able to access apprenticeships.

Does this apply to you?

Our team is on hand to help. Please call 01942 816 512 to enquire about NICs for your apprentices.