with accurate management accounts

Make informed business decisions throughout the year with expert insight and guidance

In control of your finances. In control of your business.

Monthly or quarterly management accounts from EKW Group help business owners take control of spending and make achievable plans for the future.

Perhaps you want to take on additional staff this year, buy or lease a vehicle, take a holiday, or buy another franchise. Maybe you’re keen to invest and utilise spare resources.

Manoeuvre your business with confidence.

Without accurate insight into how your business is performing, these decisions contain considerable risk.

Regular information throughout the year enables you to plan and act accordingly, allowing you to make assured decisions today about the future direction of your business.


Accountancy Services

Compare spend with budget and spot any variances

Accountancy Services

Understand what you need to do to recover any over spend

Accountancy Services

Confirm the accuracy of HMRC liabilities

The Service from EKW Group

For some clients, we present a statement of assets and liabilities, for others, graphical representations of expenditure and comparative figures year-on-year. Specific KPI’s can be included too, such as sales per employee.

When you select EKW Group to run your management accounts, you’ll first meet with one of our advisers to discuss your requirements in more detail. We will then be able to draft a visual template of your management account report.

Once this has been approved and you are pleased with the template, this will became your standard report for your business and any others in your group. This consistency is vital for clarity in your business and an ever-increasing insight to your prospects.

We’ll also agree standard treatment of your accounts.

Finally, we arrange deadlines for your management accounts – these are always driven by you (or, if you’re a franchisee, by your Franchisor).

Throughout this process, EKW Group are on hand to advise you on the best way forward for your business.

Supporting software

EKW Group use a range of software to support this service including Xero, Kashflow and Sage 1 Accounting. Clients can log in to these services and view reports at any time.

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