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After many years of being part of the Franchise community, we wanted to enhance our service offering. Through partnering with Franchise Finance, our service specialises in structuring and arranging finance, not only for new business start-ups but for existing franchisees. Entrepreneurs alongside self-employed start-ups may understandably have concerns about the outcome and success of new business ventures, however, with the financial support of Franchise Finance and the ability to view all aspects of your company on one dashboard, with Fusion BI.

We understand how important it is to monitor your franchise performance, which is why we provide the necessary tools to create financial stability. We’re here to help make your business more efficient, profitable and easier to run.

Our advanced solution, Fusion BI, gives you access to your business data and an insight into all areas of your organisation and allows you to monitor your business performance on one dashboard. The software produces creative reports that can be instantly published for your whole organisation to view, allowing employees to visually explore data and quickly discover patterns to make faster decisions – saving you time and money.

We’ve tailored our solution to meet the demands within the franchise community, specifically those who want to create a data driven culture. Fusion BI will support you through the whole accounting process, ensuring complete accuracy is maintained, using technology to gather financial and non-financial data.

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Whether you’re a Franchisor or a Franchisee, our team are ready to help you manage and grow your business