Beware of bogus HMRC emails

People are being warned over false emails from HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) after a succession of bogus emails were reported in the run-up to the self-assessment tax returns deadline.

Thousands of people have reportedly received the email and it has been said the email looks genuine and holds HMRC logo. The email titled ‘HMRC Online services’ from ‘’ is being issued, informing the recipient to a new Alert message and they should log into their account to read the message.

HMRC reported the emails contained information-notifying individuals to their right to a tax refund and asked for bank or credit card details, an action commonly known as ‘phishing’.

In this circumstance HMRC never use telephones, emails or external companies and will only ever contact individuals who are due a refund in writing by post.

HMRC ask if you receive a copy of the email please forward it on to

For more information visit

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